Ballarat sand suppliers

We stock a wide range of sands, paving sand, bricky sand, sandpit sand and playground sand. If you need sand in Ballarat, contact our landscape supplies business or come and visit us at Laidlaw Drive.

Quality brick sand used by major new home builders in Ballarat and district.

Quality concrete gravel used by a number of Ballarat fencing contractors.

Granite sand compacts well and can be used as a decorative feature for driveways and pathways.

Kaolin sand useful as a base product that is easily compacted.

Lilydale toppings from Dela Landscaping Supplies in Ballarat can be used as a compacted base or for decorative uses like driveways and paths.

Paving sand is good for a compacted base for paving and pathways.

Sago sand is a good driveway and pathway base and is easily compacted.